Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dread Wyrm of the Underground

Some years ago I wrote a scenario called "Horrors of the Underground" for the Mordheim supplement Border Town Burning. In this scenario two groups of adventurers explore some abandoned mines in the Cathayan borderlands in search of mighty Chaos artefacts. As they go further into the darkness they uncover caves of spiders and other vile creatures along the way.
While searching for treasures and eventually for an exit out of the tunnels they encounter a horrible creature: The Wyrm. This terrifying monster appears out of nowhere to devour the careless explorers until they manage to fight it off. Then it would retreat into the tunnels to come back a few turns later.

A Tilean merchant and his retinue explore the forsaken mines
with Chaos marauders hot on their trail

When I designed this set-up I had a monstrous sand wyrm in mind living in the tunnels that were dug by the unsuspecting Cathayan miners. Now Forge World has released a creature that exactly matches my original vision: The Dread Maw.

Had this model been available back then, it would be in the supplement now. Rules for the Dread Maw can be found in the infamous tome that is the Monstrous Arcanum (pages 46-47). Suitably the rules are accompanied by a Tilean Merchant Prince's quote describing how "Every caravan master traversing the Ivory Road to far Cathay fears the shaking of the earth that preceedes a Dread Maw attack".

So if you plan on setting up a proper underground gaming board with a proper monster to fight off and run from, I highly recommend the new Forge World Dread Maw. Actually I find all these cool Forge World monsters highly tempting, be it the Basilisk, the Merwyrm or this new disturbing beauty.

The Horrors of the Underground scenario is part of the Border Town Burning supplement for Mordheim (pages 48-49). There is also an adjusted monster-less version called The Mine for Legends of the High Seas.
The Dread Maw is available from Forge World (Product Code: 99590299065) for £52.00.
The  Monstrous Arcanum is available from Forge World (Product Code: 60040287002) for £32.00.

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  1. I love the BTB supplement, thanks again for all the work you put in for it.


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