Monday, September 9, 2013

Reading Tip: Blackbeard's Last Fight

While browsing the Osprey Publishing website recently I stumbled across the newly published pirate book: Blackbeard's Last Fight. As a long time pirate gamer I obviously had to get it immediately.

Like other issues from Osprey's Raid series the book focuses on a specific battle and describes it in great detail - in this case the eponymous last fight of infamous pirate captain Edward Teach known as Blackbeard. However, the book goes further and explains the rise of Blackbeard and the events leading to the battle along with plenty of historical context. In fact, the book is chock-full of useful information from inspiring descriptions of the pirate way of life to the exact bounties that were set on the various pirate crew members' ranks. All this information is directly relevant not only for those merely curious about the Golden Age of Piracy in general but also for us tabletop wargamers who are particularly interested in as much details as possible. It is astounding how the author manages to squeeze so much into 80 pages. Speaking of it, the book is written by pirate expert Angus Konstam, who has written many books on the matter and whose book "Scourge of the Seas" I recommended a few years ago.

Blackbeard's Last Fight - Pirate Hunting in North Carolina 1718 is currently available for £5.98 as an ebook (or £11.99 as a printed version) from Osprey. The Kindle version from Amazon is even cheaper. If you're interested in piratical settings it is definately worth it.


  1. Angus has a blog as well. A great read:

  2. Thanks for pointing this out, AHunt! I linked to his website in that previous post about the "Scourge of the Seas".


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