Saturday, August 4, 2018

Longboats from Games of War and Firelock Games

In this blog post I take a look at the longboats from Games of War and Firelock Games.

Longboats from Games of War

As I had already bought some of the other boats (tenders and jolly boats) from Games of War as well as their bigger ships (such as the Cutter) I knew what to expect in terms of quality and detail. To my mind, their boats and ships are unmatched when it comes to the lightweight resin and the high level of detail and textures. Painting up the three longboats was easy and straightforward.

Three longboats from Games of War

The longboat fully loaded with 12 models on 25mm bases

The longboat has an overall total length of 20.4cm and a maximum width of 6.7cm. You can easily place 12 models on 25mm round bases in the boat.

Longboat from Firelock Games

By the time Firelock Games came out with their kickstarter, I already had the three longboats from GoW lying around so I knew I didn't need another bunch of them. I still ordered a single longboat for the purpose of comparison and diversity.

With a length of 17.8cm and a width of 5.9cm this longboat is a bit smaller. As a result, you can only place 7 miniatures in the boat. However, it should be noted that Firelock are pretty smart and well aware of the miniature placement problem on boats and ships. Therefore, their miniatures come attached to 20mm round bases. Still, I have my figures based on 25mm bases so that is what I judge ships and terrain by.

Firelock's longboat is also nicely detailed with a slightly exaggerated wood grain texture. An additional touch is the modeled rope around the oar locks. The boat also painted up nicely and I am quite happy with the result.

The longboat from Firelock Games


Here are some photos of the two types of longboats next to each other.

The longboats from Games of War (front) and Firelock Games (back)

The GoW longboat and the Firelock longboat

For me, the deciding factor about the boats is the superior capacity of Games of War's boats. I also prefer their more natural detail compared to the exaggerated detail on the Firelock boat. Last, but certainly not least, Games of War's longboat is currently available for £10.00 while Firelock Games' longboat comes at $18.00, which is roughly £14.00 at the moment.


  1. Games ofWar stuff is excellent. The detail is great. I’d say they were the best wargames boats out there. Also the resin is pure and filler free. So if you drop them they tend to just bounce rather than shatter. A big bonus at the wargames table.


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