Friday, January 4, 2019

Résine Miniatures

Résine Miniatures is a French manufacturer of 28mm scale terrain and scenery for historical and medieval fantasy games.

I stumbled across their beautiful buildings on Pinterest where photos of their great work kept on appearing in my stream. It is rare that I find manufacturers that I hadn't heard of before. The photos show the Résine Miniatures logo but I couldn't find a website for them. Thanks to the messaging function of Pinterest I got into contact with Christophe Samuel, the man behind the company. While there is no website you can purchase Résine Miniatures products on Etsy and eBay.

To get an impression of the products, my first order contained the Medieval Buildings #3 and #7, the tomb and door #4.

Medieval buildings #3 and #7 from Résine Miniatures (source: Pinterest)

When I unpacked the buildings I was immediately impressed with the quality and detail. The buildings strongly remind me of the medieval houses from Elladan (previously Stronghold-Terrain) such as the Town House and Tavern. They have a similar authentic historic feel to them compared to the more fantasy style of Tabletop World buildings.

Another thing the houses have in common is that they need to be assembled (unlike the products from Tabletop World or GrandManner which usually don't need any or at least very little assembly at all). This means that they come as multiple parts (usually the sides of the building) that need to be glued together. They have detail on one side only, so the inside of the finished building will not have any details/texture. Compared to the incredible quality of Tabletop World's products this may come across as "old-school" or outdated nowadays. However, I can appreciate a little DIY in my hobby and to my mind the excellent style and appearance of the buildings make it totally worth the effort.

The contents of the kit for Building #3 from Résine Miniatures

Another aspect about having individual sides is that they can serve well for building your own houses or setting up fronts of rows of houses, which are useful in their own right.

I was so happy with the look of the houses that I quickly ordered the other items that I was interested in. If there is one thing that I learned over the last years in the tabletop hobby: Get the stuff you want while you still can! These small manufacturers, often run by one or two people only, can easily go out of business all of a sudden and then you'll regret no getting something you wanted.

The first two buildings from Résine Miniatures are assembled and waiting for paint

In conclusion, if you are looking for timber-framed buildings with a strong authentic appearance while still looking interesting and if you don't mind putting a little effort into assembly (glueing together and filling gaps with putty), then the building kits from Résine Miniatures are well worth their money. I very much look forward to painting up one or two of their houses this year.


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