Friday, September 28, 2012

New Ships from Games of War coming soon

 Ahoy mateys!

Alan of Games of War has sent me a sneak peek of their work in progress ship models for their 28mm Pirate Supplies range. Their out of stock Sea Prince (see photo for reference) is currently undergoing a re-vamp. The white ship you can see in the back of the photo is a mock-up of the new version of a large ship. In addition, they are also working on a new small ship.

Work in progress of upcoming small, medium and large ship models by Games of War

The new Sea Prince will be available soon. As for the other ships "We are hopefully going to have these available for Christmas", says Alan.

Check out the Games of War pirate range!

The current version of the medium sized Sea Prince


  1. Really cool, a nice and believable rigging. Thanks for sharing the news Citany.

  2. Looking very nice! Great ships!

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