Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ship Ahoy!

Another order has arrived: Pirate ships by Ainsty Castings!

Space for boarding action

Captain Redbeard eyeing his new property

Painting these will have to wait until I have finished a few more buildings. And I'm definately running out of space for all this stuff...


  1. 'Drop anchor yer flea-bitten harpy...' Your merchant galleon looks highly gameworthy! That's a biggie.

  2. I'm shocked with the quality of these models! I saw this company at a couple of conventions this year and wasn't too impressed with their Sci-fi models, but these ships seem to be a different ball game.
    I'm curious to get your full review on how nicely these ships paint up. On the other hand, how do they scale with 28mm? On the 3rd picture the pirate model looks huge next to the tiny door.


  3. The casts are indeed far from perfect. There are air bubbles and real resin bubbles, so I will have to do some preparation work. I'll post pictures and a proper review for sure.
    I am aware that Black Scorpion figures are always a bit of an unfair choice for size comparisons as they are on the taller side. But Tom did such a wonderful job painting them so I always choose them. I try to remember using Foundry pirates for the review as well. There is no changing the fact that the doors are simply small. Personally, I don't mind so far, because even if it looks somewhat strange with the figures next to them I think it works overall. Since the ships CANNOT be made in true scale or else they'd be a complete gaming board themselves, you have to make a compromise and I think it works here. Unlike Old Glory's Brigantine which is simply too small. But on these you can still move your figures a bit. Actually I am currently adjusting my Dogs Ahoy! rules set to allow for detailed boarding action scenarios using ships like these.

  4. I just received the Sloop and Merchant myself. And I can vouch for the quality of the ships. I would really like to include a full set of sails. Any idea's on that yourself?

  5. Hi Jeroen,

    I used cloth on my previous models (see the Brigantine e.g. http://cianty-tabletop.blogspot.com/2009/10/old-glory-brigantine-sets-sail.html) but I am really satisfied with that method because it looks much too clean.
    I really like the style of the sails over at http://fistfullofseamen.blogspot.com

    I will have to do some experiments of my own - maybe painting the cloth or trying to use watercolours (or coffee) on sheets of paper. Any ideas much welcomed! :)


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