Sunday, September 9, 2012

The City Grows Grand

Some more pieces for the Gierburg puzzle have arrived: my order from GrandManner. It contains the following:

- Wachau Meeting House
- Farm House with tile roof
- Gatehouse with tile roof
- Harbour wall/jetty (x3)
- Flag stone paving

Before I go into any details of the items - and I will first finish my Stronghold Terrain Townhouse anyways - here are some first photos to whet your appetite. I will do a quick first impressions/mini review post shortly.


  1. Wow! You've gone wild with getting more terrain!
    I'm sure you'll love Grand Manner, as they look great and have interiors. I wonder how your town will look now with the new terrain injection.
    Do you have a board to put all of these?


  2. Congratulation!!!
    Enormous order!!!! I'm still hesitant to order to grand manner due to their prices.

    Do the roof of the gate house can be removed? Do you have pictures of the interior?

    Nice it works?

  3. @Joao: No, my table is still non-existant. That's also why I bought the port pieces: I hope they will finally give me a starting point for the table.

    @Mael: The prices is what held me back until now too. Yes, the roofs can be removed and there is full interor. I will post some detailed photos tomorrow.


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