Sunday, June 9, 2013

IKEA Gaming Table

Yesterday my better half made me accompany her on a shopping spree at one of Berlin's IKEA stores to get some "much needed" things. As a true geek (and to make the best of the situation) I used the "opportunity" to go looking for a gaming table there. Since I am knee-deep in the works for my Port of Gierburg gaming table (quite literally if you look at the living room these days) the need for a proper table is getting more and more urgent. I didn't really have that much hope of actually finding something useful, but guess what: I did!

The LERBERG trestle
The LINNMON series of table tops has a perfectly sized 120x60cm table top for £15/€17,90. I really like the elegance of the black-brown tone, and without hesitation I decided to take two of  them.
Now the question was what to do about the legs. Normally you would screw the table legs underneath these table tops. But this is not an option since I need to store the gaming board away and only when I need it I will get it out and set it up. I was thinking about various solutions such as paste tables when a few metres later I came across the LERBERG trestles. For only £5/€6,00 this is a great table leg solution. With the board on trestles the table is about 73,5cm tall, which is a good height for both walking around the table and reaching for figures as well as sitting next to it and watching your opponent make their moves.

My basic gaming table now consists of two 120x60cm table tops and four trestles. I am quite happy with this because, as mentioned above, the table's color tone looks really nice and elegant and so do the trestles. They are more like design thingies than craftman's utilities. They come in a dark grey tone and fit the table top quite well. They are made of metal and the entire set-up is very stable so this is a pretty solid solution that looks good and still can be stored away nicely.

All four trestles in their storage position

One of the two tables set up

I will probably look for hinges or something at the local building centre to connect the two boards so that the whole thing is safer against pushes during the heat of battle. But for now I am already pretty happy with it.


  1. Fabulous, man! Really happy for you!
    Having chronic storage space issues myself, I can totally relate to your quest for the perfect tabletop.


  2. Thanks, Joao! It is a difficult problem to solve and there are definately different solutions that work differently for people. For me this one seems best (unless I went ahead a built special legs that integrate into the board itself or something like that - which is totally beyond my skill level). :D

  3. Hi, just joined your blog, hope you don't mind ;) I must say the table looks neat! Who'd have thought IKEA would come up with gaming solutions ;) Great blog by the way, I'm enjoying the Port of Gierburg posts :)


  4. Hi Mark,

    glad you like the blog and find some useful on here. Enjoy your stay! :)


  5. Will you cover the table or just play on the surface? Will you use a playmat?

  6. Thanks for the nice idea and the good review. I'll keep it in mind for my next table.


  7. Felix,

    I will place my actual gaming board on the table, the Port of Gierburg. So there will be a detailed board made of styrofoam/plaster/resin on top.
    However, I've only recently seen a great tutorial on how to make a gaming mat that really inspired me and makes me want to try it out myself. Maybe some time... :)

    1. Ah, nice link Chris.
      I wonder if you can build a gaming mat with cobblestone pattern (and with enough variation, like cracks on the floor, for example).

      My friend Tim made his gaming mat out of a huge fabric. Its versatility is incredible and it still doesn't get creases (so it's very durable):


    2. Wow, that is really fascinating! I would have never thought that you can achieve such a great surface by painting a towel. It looks really great on the photos.


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