Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gierburg Head Hunter painted

About three and a half years ago I finished my first ever (and only) sculpt: Ty Cain, Gierburg Head Hunter. Now the miniature is finally painted. For obvious reasons this figure is especially precious to me so - like with the last batch of miniatures, the Gierburg Peasants, - I entrusted Simon Bradley with the paint job.

I think he has once again done a wonderful job. Check out the mini in his gallery on Stone Cold Lead.

Bounty Hunter painted and photographed by Simon Bradley

Ty Cain encounters a deranged jester in the streets of Gierburg


  1. Chris, you know this isn't fair. We need MORE pictures of Gierburg streets! Stop teasing us, please! :)


    1. Ha ha. I'm not teasing at all. Just trying to make the time you spend on this little blog worthwhile with atmospheric photos. :)
      There will be more photos, of course - when I post the next minis.
      Once I finish the first dock section for the Port of Gierburg I will have the scenery to a lot more photos. Shouldn't be that long.


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