Thursday, June 13, 2013

LAM Jesters arrive in Gierburg

Another set of beautiful figures from Simon Bradley has arrived in Gierburg: The Jesters, from Lead Adventure Miniatures' Bruegelburg range (BRU-15).

The Bruegelburg Jesters painted by Simon Bradley

Together with Omoklon from Guild of Harmony and the GW Bretonian jester, both painted by Tom List, and the unreleased Mordheim Jester, painted by Roman Lappat, I now have pretty much all cool jester models I can think of. At least I thought so until recently when Scibor released the Town Guard set which contains a nice jester figure as a musician. But since that figure is not available separately I will probably not add that to my collection.

Gierburg jesters dancing through the streets


  1. Just found this blog. Love the work and detail. I'm making some empire terrain for WHFB and got a few tabletop world pieces on the go. My theme is slightly different, but some great ideas and cool executions. Thanks

  2. Lovely collection! I really like that collective shot of the jesters.

    As for the Scibor jester, they might release it separately one day.
    In the meantime, you can always get this one:


  3. Oh snap! I had totally forgotten about that model. Yieks! I need another jester.


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